The Different Types of Penises

The Different Types of Penises

Did you know that there’s more than one type of human penis? In fact, there are at least 20 according to scientists. The good news is that they’re all relatively commonplace and no specific type spells trouble. In other words, you can have any type of penis and still be perfectly fine in the sack (hopefully).

These naturally unique organs are usually separated into four main categories: Shape, Length or Girth, Color, and Detail. The typical details include the presence of hair, extra veins, foreskin, and even moles or freckles. So, which type of penis do you have? Let’s find out.

Fun facts about your unique penis

Penises are like snowflakes because they come in all different shapes and sizes. But they’re also like human beings themselves because they’re each unique in color, texture, and element. In other words, the dick itself isn’t special. Yours just is.

There’s no such thing as a bad penis either, only bad information about them. If you want to feel great about what you’ve got, then learn about what other men have first. And since you can’t just walk into a men’s locker room and start staring at cocks, this is the best way to graduate.

How does your penis shape up?

Class number one starts with a brief overview of the typical size and shape of the human shlong. Unlike the corkscrew detailing of a duck dick, most men have cocks that are long, smooth, and cylindrical with a pronounced head and a slight curve in the middle. In fact, about 30% of all men have a penis that dangles at a 30° to 60° angle.

Generally, the curve is an upward one like a banana, but that’s not always the case. Some curve downward while others are straight or C-shaped. However, that little curve isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It actually helps you target your partner’s g-spot or p-spot during sex. So, using penis straightening devices and cock extenders might not always be your best bet, especially if you’re lacking in length or girth.

DID YOU KNOW? Your penile curvature is usually only visible when you’ve got an erection.

There are also penises that get thicker towards the bottom, or ones that are extra fat on top. Those dicks take on a conical or hammer-like shape and can make insertion either easier or harder depending on your partner’s anatomy. Narrower heads tend to slide in without much trouble while thicker bases usually stimulate more the deeper you penetrate.

Exploring penile length and girth

Thickness is just another way of saying girth. And curvature can dictate how much length you put down. So, what do length and girth have to do with anything? A lot, actually. That’s because penises don’t just come in different shapes and sizes. They come with unique thicknesses too.

A man can enjoy an exclusive combination of different characteristics and all of them will ultimately cause an orgasm. It all depends on how your partners and toys react to penetration. Dicks with more girth are preferred by some lovers, while others like their cocks thin and slender. Meanwhile, the positions you choose will also dictate how thick your penis feels when it’s inside the hole.

The more you know about your dick, the better you’ll wield it in the bedroom. So, check out these 5 common trouser snake types to determine which one sounds the most like yours:

The Gherkin

This is a smaller-than-average dick that’s shorter or narrower than most. It has a less commanding stature, but it can pinpoint specific parts of the body that get ran over by larger cocks.

The Kielbasa

This is a short, stout penis that lacks length but makes up for it with girth. It hits the vaginal and anal walls like a champ but may be difficult to insert if you’re fucking a tight partner.

The Cucumber

This is a penis of average length and girth. It’s the most common of the three and it’s ideal for almost any position. However, it’s a bit basic so it’s not perfect for all partners.

The Salami

This is a larger-than-average shlong and is typically seen in porno movies because of its massive stage presence. It’s long, thick, and may or may not feature a curve in the middle.

The Pencil

Contrary to popular belief, a pencil dick is a tiny one. It’s noticeably longer and thinner than most, but that’s not always a bad thing. This penis reaches in deep and can be manipulated easier.

Remember, your penis can be a combo of several different types. The point of this exercise is to figure out how you need to be fucking based on the kind of cock you have. So, as long as you’re familiar with your phallic member, knocking socks off shouldn’t be as much of a problem.

PRO TIP: To make the most of what’ve you got, learn a few different positions, take it slow to start, and slather on plenty of lube before you begin.

Do dicks come in different colors too?

Did you know that your skin tone can affect the color of your penis? Did you also know that you can have a multicolored dick? It doesn’t even matter what race you are. There’s a variable cornucopia of cock colors out there, so you’ve got to be somewhere on the spectrum.

Like vulvas and nipples that are either darker or lighter than the skin surrounding them, dicks do the same. That’s because our sexual hormones produce melanocyte cells which then release melanin into our bloodstream. Meanwhile, changes in color can happen at any point in our lives, especially when there’s a rise in testosterone levels.

Just so you don’t freak out, these are some of the most common cock colors you’ll find in the wild:

  • Taupe
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Purple

Don’t worry about your hue either, because the color of your penis has no impact on how it functions.

Foreskin or Nah: That is the question

There are only two types of penises in this category: circumcised and uncircumcised. Circumcised penises have had their foreskins removed, usually at birth. These types of dicks account for more than 70% of the American population. Meanwhile, the other 30% of men are uncircumcised, which means their foreskins are still intact. Both penises are healthy and neither feels bad for humping.

The only question is about whether or not the foreskin gets in the way of intercourse and/or oral sex. For some partners, it’s a deal breaker. For others, it doesn’t really matter. Regardless of your dick’s attributes though, it’s important to practice good penile hygiene. That means washing the shaft and head diligently, especially if you have intact foreskin creating a pocket.

The charm and character of a unique penis type

We’re not done yet. We still need to talk about the tiny details that make your dick unique. For example, some men have hair on their shafts. Others sport freckles and moles. Some even have birth marks, scars, or acne down there. The fact of the matter is that no two cocks are exactly the same.

Hair is generally found around the base of the penis near the balls. Otherwise, most men have smooth, hairless shafts that are built for penetration. If you’re one of the men with flawless, bump-free junk, consider yourself lucky. A majority of guys has at least one bump or vein to accommodate. And if your dick is too smooth (God forbid), you can always use a textured condom or cock ring for enhanced sensations.

Meanwhile, veiny penises are considered a delicacy. They’re especially popular among partners who enjoy seeing the results of arousal. That’s because veins typically pop out more when blood rushes to the shaft, so veins on the dick are a sign of major horniness (and that’s some sexy shit right there). Then, there are the freckled cocks. They’re a special breed.

Freckles are sometimes mistaken for acne or STDs but they’re actually kind of cute and innocent. You’ll find freckling on your fuck stick because of anything from genetics, hyperpigmentation, and excessive sun exposure to aging and general health changes. They’re purely aesthetic, so don’t worry too much about whether you’ve got them or not. Just play connect the dots the next time you get busy.

PRO TIP: If you’re concerned about spots on your dick or if any of them start bleeding or oozing puss, call a doctor right away. That is not a freckle, sir.

The money shot

The bottom line is simple: there are a wide variety of different penis types in the world, so you’re not as big of a freak as you thought. In fact, yours is probably more normal than the guy sitting next to you. And even if it’s not, the functionality is far more important than the fashion. If your penis works and makes you feel good when you ejaculate, then what’s the problem?

Start getting more comfortable with your dick or start doing something to change it. Remember, you’ll have to either fix your perspective or fix your fuck stick because dildos don’t always do the trick. Healthy penises are all that matters here, not looks. So, talk to a healthcare professional if you have any problems that can’t be solved at home.

In the meantime, if you notice new bumps or areas of discoloration, book an appointment with your doctor ASAP because those things could be a sign of an underlying condition. Otherwise, you’ve just got a unique penis type and it’s time to start showing it off.

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